>Batty about bats!


I'm officially batty about bats! Hayley had a purely ingenius idea to attend a talk at the Denver Nature & Science Museum about bats. The flying mammal called the bat has the intelligence of a cat and the cuteness factor of a puppy. On top of loading up on useless trivia knowledge about the only animal in the chiroptera order, I remembered how sacred it is to be in the presence of animals (not just fish, birds, cats, dogs, and squirrels)...wild animals. Each live bat the conservationist brought out was curious about the audience (one even crawled out of its cage to get a better view). It was as if animal and human wanted a closer connection. What a beautiful concept that animals want to know us as much as we want to know them. I don't know about you...I'm ready for a bat house!

Today I'm grateful for Cirque du Soleil, pumpkin spice at Starbucks, and quiet Friday evenings.