>Old Maid of Honor

>Tomorrow officially begins the madness that is my sister's wedding weekend. And as the Old Maid of Honor I'm in charge of the bachelorette party!! And no, the picture to the left is not of the party, rather a normal sisterly photo at Red Rocks. I was of course voting for half-naked men and body shots for the b.p. (bachelorette party of course, not blood pressure); the bride would prefer the season opener of the Avalanche and a sports bar. The idea of the perfect last night of singledom isn't where our differences end.

Lots of people make a pity face when I tell them I'm in my little sister's wedding this weekend. The truth is she isn't my little sister - she's three inches taller than I am and most days seems to have her life far more put together than I do. She's an accountant by trade and I am certain a gym teacher or Wonder Woman by true nature. It would be a lie to say I'm shocked she's getting married before "I do" (unintentional that turned to intentional wordplay)...my parents even predicted it when we were young. Guess you could say she's more traditional, in a liberal way, and I'm what our family calls the "free spirit."

Her wedding isn't so much making me want my own as left me wondering where time went. How did my younger (notice not using adjective "little") sister become old enough to get married? Someday I'll know and hopefully that someday is before I make my Maid of Honor toast!

Today I'm grateful for relatives in town, rowing machines, and free heads of lettuce.