>Alter "ego" Rebecca

>We all have one, not just we Gemini cusp people, but not all of us name it. I've decided mine is certainly Rebecca. She's the one who flips her hair and sometimes ignores people when she doesn't feel friendly. She secretly whispers in her head "I already knew that," when people tell her things she thinks she should already know. She wants attention and seems to be a tad dramatic. Case in point, she's bratty and snobby - the sorority girl without a lot of free-lovin' hippie involved. She's also a part of me and therefore I can't help but love and adore her.

A few weeks ago my friend Brea and I decided to name our alter "egos," and it has certainly helped me be more conscious about the part of my personality vying for attention. Becky hasn't quite known what to say about all of this, so she doesn't say anything and instead just listens patiently to Rebecca - she's the alter after all.

Today I'm grateful for Free Mall Ride, movie screeners, and snow.