>Leg up (or both) with leggings

> With winter approaching and me getting tired of jeans I quickly switch to leggings - the sweatpant/skinny jean alternative. I like to think it's also workplace attire appropriate; however, I doubt pairing my bright blue leggings with a baggy sweatshirt works and I don't care.

Talking about clothing on here isn't usually my style. I prefer to discuss much more riveting issues such as an obscure self-help books and cupcakes. Leggings save my life on many occasions and I don't want to deny them space. They can be dressy, casual, or inbetween and go with ballet flats, tennis shoes, Toms, and even my Emus (fake Uggs). Pairing them with stilettos feels a tad too Sandra Dee and I attempt to avoid similarities as much as I can. That and since I got rid of my car my high heels don't get much wear time. Whatever you wear them with or don't, it's hard to deny they can get you a "leg up "in fashion these days - possibly even two!

Today I'm grateful for TV Internet, EmergenC, and studying.