>I see (saw) dead people

> No, I'm not just quoting movies despite my current film obsession preparing for the Denver Film Festival. My sudden interest in the dead has a lot to do with my last night when I went to a cadaver lab with my yoga teacher training class. What do dead bodies have to do with yoga you ask? Everything and nothing. For starters, "hatha" yoga actually means yoga of immortality or to reverse the aging process. For enders (why doesn't anyone ever say that), I'm not a doctor nor an anatomy expert.

It was quite a memorable experience. I had the pleasure of being acquainted (very acquainted) with three cadavers named Francis, Henry, and George. One provided lovely bone structure, one muscle system perfection, and one lovely reproductive and digestive tract. I held a ball, (single one, not both), a bladder, and even a uterus. One of the students dropped a kidney during part of the discussion and it will forever go down as a great yogic/cadaver moment. (At least I didn't drop the ball...;)) So yes, I saw dead people and loved it.

Today I'm grateful for free library classes, walks in the sun, and quick email response.