The day after the Starz Denver Film Festival...a day filled with bittersweet relief. Some call it sleep, I prefer Post-Festival Depression. After months of excitement a week of action-packed parties, receptions, and films - the festival ends with not much to show for it. A lot of build up and now back facing my life and what's next (keep thinking I will be done with this question soon). On top of that, I was certainly more cranky this year than last. I mostly attribute it to fewer sleeping hours, dealing with media and a few high maintenance filmmakers. My best self wasn't out the entire time of the festival and I'll be the first to admit it and apologize to anyone whom I may have come into contact with.

I finished the festival in one piece and met some incredible people throughout. Oddly enough the most memorable moment of the past 11 days was on my way to work last Monday. I was at the bus stop waiting, as people tend to do there, and a pigeon did a mating call coo and walk around my feet in a circle several times. I have never been so flattered in my life. In my frazzled and not so pretty state I felt like belle of the ball.

The picture above was indeed posed, although my perma-stress face might possibly stick around a few days longer. I suspect the PFD will begin to fade in the next few days and the festival fog will completely disapate after a week. Memories of the "coo"ky pigeon, spending time with the Touching Home folks, and lots of Wii tennis will be around for a while...or at least until the next festival.

Today I'm grateful for detoxes, pancakes, and free bus rides.