>In the journey I trust

>Tama Kieves is a Denver author and I adore her writing style and her book "This Time I Dance" continues to guide me through my career transition. I can't help but imagine our lives seem very similar...living in Capitol Hill,writing (I'm hoping she has more money for groceries than I do), and waking up to remember our dreams haven't happened yet. I received her montly newsletter (http://www.awakeningartistry.com/) this week and wanted to share, it's about being grateful for ourselves and noting that at the table of the soul there are no judgments.

This is my favorite holiday because by nature we remember what is working in our lives and everything we have to be grateful for. We remember the abudance that surrounds us everyday even if we don't see it on a table.

I'm most grateful for myself for finding faith and trust in my journey and I'm grateful for you for being where ever you are as a part of it.