>Taking my heart to San Francisco


As of this week it's officially official - I'm moving to San Fran (I believe I can call it that since I will be living there soon)! My notice came in the mail from the grad school I applied with and I've been accepted...the semester starts mid-January. I certainly ossicilate between scared as hell and excited as ever. This move marks the end of an era for certain, I haven't lived anywhere except Colorado since I arrived here from Germany. In my heart I've always known I was a California girl (or at least a hippie and I would prefer to be near more of them).

Funny how our minds/heads can talk us out of (or into) things we truly want. My brain keeps telling me how crazy this is...I can go to grad school in Colorado you know. What am I really going there for? My heart quickly answers staying here just wouldn't be the same, that and I'm in desperate need to live near an H and M. With that I begin to prepare for my journey to the coast...I'm taking my heart all the way to San Francisco.

Today I'm grateful for pujas, Dr. Dean Schaner, and express bus routes.