>Cool kids

>The benefits of hanging out with people far more cool than I is that I'm constantly learning new words - and somehow getting into places I otherwise wouldn't be able to. Accepting this doesn't take much on my part, it has become the norm and all of us move on accordingly especially when my lexicon improves dramatically after every weekend. My newest additions: soberwhelmed, sublings, and immaculate congestion.

Soberwhelmed - being the only sober one at a party or event
Ex: I'm feeling extremely soberwhelmed at this crazy party.

Subling - siblings children. Pure ingenius...so tired of gender-specific words for relatives.
Ex: Heading over to my sister's house to see my sublings.

Immaculate congestion - when traffic is beyond slowly moving along and then suddenly everything returns to normal speeds without any noticeable accidents or road construction.

Hope this ups your cool points as much as it did mine!

Today I'm grateful for Devotchka, Pandora, and my iPod.