>Watch out!


After several of years of scientific research, which wasn't actually scientific at all, there is indeed a direct correlation between people (more so men) who wear watch rings and arrogance. Around the mid-1990s watches became an accessory than a necessity. This era saw trends in watch rings, Swatch watches, watch necklaces, and the like.

I fell into the Swatch watch trend myself, unable to resist the colorful, unique designs. My watch ring and Swatch affiliation ended around 1997. It appears the watch necklace will never go out of style, especially as long as Flavor Flav is still around. My issue with watch rings now is the way in which to gaze at the time. A gentle lift of the pinky similar to one used to drink English Breakfast tea. Please, watch out men! Watches belong on the wrist or neck, not the hands.

Today I'm grateful for Jenny's visit, interviews galore, and beautiful weather.