>Great update debate

> I have long struggled, since my first Facebook and Twitter update several years ago (I am an early adapter after all), whether to use 1st or 3rd person. Clearly everyone's name comes first each time. In doing a quick survey of reading 10 updates - 90% of them didn't even use their name as a part of the update. Even more puzzling, some pretend the name isn't even there and begin an entirely new sentence. While others incorporate their name into the sentence. See examples below:

Becky Farrar Meet me at the Roxbury!
Becky Farrar was asked to join an M.J. Tribute dance group.

There appear to be no clear cut rules or proper online etiquette for this sort of thing, hence, my confusion. I'm unsure what to make of this mind boggling (and now blogging) issue. Taking the descriptive approach would mean doing whatever I want. The prescriptive (my usual adherence to some sort of grammar rules) draws me towards third person, despite the awkwardness it possesses. I suppose the great update debate continues.

Today I'm grateful for cookies, P.O.P.O.s, and H&M.