>Let me "bee!"


Spring has officially arrived by the calendar, but my hormones notified me quite sooner than that. Spring fever has taken on a new context for me...not so much feeling lazy and instead rather warm and fuzzy. I appear to be making googly eyes at more than half the men I encounter (and possibly some women depending on how San Franciscan I feel). I find it most  funny how they (my hormones, not men) somehow want to convince me - the rational and spiritual being I am - that I should be engaging in procreation of some sort. Silly estrogen and progesterone...there's no rush. Furthermore, believe it or not you are not in control of my life. You don't get to determine my needs or actions for that matter. There will be many more spring times for such birds and the bees distraction. I acknowledge you have a purpose and can be useful in times of decreasing population and reminding me about my future possibilities of a mother, not right now. For now would please leave me alone and let me "bee." Thank you. My graduate education and I both thank you.

Today I'm grateful for Emergen-C, Sal, and gospel music.