>Now you see them - now you don't


I'm making a magician reference and also having reverence for beautiful cherry blossoms. This weekend I attended the Cherry Blossom parade and festival in Japantown. (This would also be the perfect time to admit I mostly enjoyed the parade so that I could wave fanatically at complete strangers without any sort of repercussions.) Even after being China I didn't quite understand the fascination with cherry blossom trees, sure they're beautiful...for about three days before they disappear.

Turns out I was missing the entire point, as dorky blonde girls sometimes do. It's their emphemeral and fleeting nature that makes them cause for celebration - a wonderful reminder of impermance of beauty and life. How easily we forget nothing lasts forever. It's easy to take this concept as depressing or sad and now I see how freeing it truly is. The good, the bad, and the ugly...only for so long.

The photo is in the Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park, beautiful at that moment with the cherry blossoms and sundial that says "Count time with the sunny days." When I returned a few days later all the petals had fallen off and filled the path with pale pink confetti. I suspect next time I mosy there, the path will no longer be covered and all that will remain are my memories of that fleeting moment with the cherry blossoms and sundial - the perfect complement.

Today I'm grateful for cleaning spree, warm showers, and leftovers.