>Piece of Work


I'm not sure how I don't have a TV and yet still manage to discover new TV shows. My most recent find involves a Project Runwayesque feel involving artists instead of designers. "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist" follows 14 artists competing for a chance to get a solo show at the Brooklyn Art Museum and $100,000. Um yes, that would be a lot of money for a starving artist.

Yet, it gets even better. Sarah Jessica Parker is the Executive Producer, as if we needed another reason to watch!? If we are going to be watching TV, why not something that promotes modern art to the masses...great attempt to culturize U.S.A. Instead of "I'm sorry _, you're out," lovely China Chow says, "I'm sorry _, you're art didn't work for us." Classic, real piece of work if you ask me!

Today I'm grateful for museums, books, and curry chicken salad.