>Inspiration station


What does it mean to be inspired? Or in the flow? Or on fire? Or in the zone? Inspiration comes from the Latin root – "in spirit." Um, no surprises there. I have begun to really think about my life and being inspired. Or being inspired by life. Which begs the question...What inspires me? When I look around I begin to see that everything has the potential to create inspiration. Last week in another attempt to put off getting some reading done for school  I sat under a tree and stared at its branches for an hour, possibly two. I stopped keeping track of time. In my former life as a workaholic mad woman I could hardly imagine taking this sort of time for nothing, but living "in spirit" time doesn’t seem to exist. Inspiration tends to come to me instead during "times" of solitude.

I realized I forgot what life was with inspiration, and it's an entirely new world. Inspiration comes unexpectedly and has many forms. It's in anything and everything - a butterfly, a kind word, a great song, a phone call, and even a person. Inspiring others is one of the greatest gifts we can give. After all, we can't inspire others without getting a little inspiration on ourselves. All in all it contains this planet, this life, and this love (I'm only partially attempting to sound like a Bob Marley song here). A life without inspiration becomes dull. The trees have no life, the birds sing and no one notices.

I'm committed to a life of inspiration. One of waking up in the morning knowing I'm here to do something important. Of following where ever spirit/universe/source/(insert your word here) guides me to make a difference. Turns out inspiration for me is simply living "in spirit." The only true desire we have to be inspired by.

Today I'm grateful for song lyrics, free meals, and Teccino.