>The Hills are no longer alive


This week was the final episode of "The Hills" and it pangs me this many years later to even acknowledge I  watch it. Not as a very dedicated viewer, but I did sit down intentionally in front of my computer on occassion to catch a glimpse of Brody Jenner. I'm mostly relieved that now there is nothing to keep me watching MTV and can move onto more adult TV stations such as PBS. I enjoyed watching the show to see attractive people go through the same experiences I have been through with life phases. Living in their fantasy world was certainly a great escape after a bad date or curling up on Hayley's couch to watch it together. The opening song of Natasha Bedingfield fools you into thinking you will be inspired by this show. After every episode I felt completely opposite. I didn't feel good, or happy, or relieved. Just void as if I really spent 20 minutes watching a blank screen. The ending of this show marks a milestone for me with the ending of a mindless TV show I no longer have to feel "inspired" to watch.
Today I'm grateful for my job, cell phones, and Internet.