>Wrinkle in time


Last week I took a photo and became shocked and dismayed at the the wrinkles I saw. Who was this woman before me with time lines around her eyes? I haven't know so much vanity until that moment...I immediately began scouring the Internet and my magazines for ads to help with my new "situation." Then blaming spending too much time in dry Colorado and how I should have moved before I began premature aging. Feverishly wondering how being two years away from 30 I could age so quickly.

Alas, after my few days of vanity I came back to reality (and SF) to remember it doesn't matter. I'm young and will always be young under the surface. Wrinkles or no wrinkles I'm still me. Remembering my whole life only a wrinkle in time anway - who really cares if it ends up on my face too.

Today I'm grateful for wrinkles, creams, and humidity.