If I haven't told you how much I like Bhangra then I probably don't like you. Because I like it a lot, so much in fact my fav thing in SF (besides Cups and Cakes Bakery) is Non-stop Bhangra at the Rickshaw Stop. There's something about the way Bhangra feels when jumping around for joy, a true dance of celebration and I can't help but grin like an idiot. Every third Saturday for $15 at the door (a very small price to pay for the joy that ensues), you can enjoy a dance lesson and get sweaty with a bunch of strangers bouncing around to bhangra. With each foot farther into the dance floor the temperature rises at least 10 degrees and the sweat drips more and more steadily. It's exhausting (I don't dare sit down and feel my legs burn), smelly, and loud. None of this bothers me...because I would rather dance with a bunch of sweaty strangers to bhangra music than just about anything else in the world.

Today I'm grateful for bhangra, courage, and sun saluations.