>National Make Someone Uncomfortable Day


Apparently today is the 3rd Annual International Make Someone Feel Uncomfortable Day. As if I needed a reason! Below is the description:
It’s as simple as it sounds: the goal is to make someone, whether a stranger or a friend, feel uncomfortable (not angry / offended / disgusted). Invite all of your friends! Go on the Facebook page and post any ideas you have to make your friends feel uncomfortable, or anything you did! Have fun, and go get ‘em;)
JOIN THE MOVEMENT: As of this posting there were over 380,000 people taking part in this event, all over the country. Don’t be left behind!

Some ideas culled from FB postings:
-Go to a store dressing room, wait a while, then yell “There’s no toilet paper in here!”
-Begin unbelting belt, saying “I bet mine’s longer than yours” then show off how long your belt is.
-Propose to your teacher.
-Shake hands with someone and don’t let go for a long time, too long.
-While at restaurant, pull out a magnifying glass and tweezer and do an autopsy on your food.
-Take off your shoe and have an intense private conversation with it.
-When with a good female friend in public say “Oh my God, you’re pregnant!” really loud and walk away.
-Get in an elevator and tell everyone who gets on that you just bought new socks/underwear today.
-4 words: dick in a box

Needless to say I am feeling very comfortable about this day!

Today I'm grateful for awkward, uncomfortable, and comfortable.