Oh we've all done it, just admit you've been a total creeper on your ex-boyfriend's page and also know his new gf has smaller boobs than you (or in my case much larger). Thank goodness Facebook has now made it even easier to get more information about someone's online "friendship" via the "See Friendship" tool that shows up when someone posts on another's page. It's awful and awesome and very stalkerish showing their online interaction based on wall posts. As if somehow "seeing" people's friendship can give us enough information as to whether or not we should continue flirting with them online. If you also want to stalk yourself you can "see friendships" between you and another person thereby determining whom has done more of the talking.

Facebook seems to be embracing the creepy feeling it evokes and using it advantageously. Yes FB we have noticed how easy you make it for us to be even stranger than we already are online and I already looked at several "friendships" was curious about.

Today I'm grateful for not having Internet, soup on chilly days, and brunch with Rebecca.