>Bottled water


By far one of my worst not-good-for-the-environment habit is drinking bottle water. The water in SF has Chloramin...a combination of chlorine and ammonia that makes me feel yucky. So yes, I filter my water, but then have the temptation to buy when my favorite bottles get dirty. I want to do better and until we see ourselves as an identity and extension of Earth and entire cosmos we don't understand how it hurts us not to take care of it. Thank goodness Green Planet Beverages now makes me feel less guilty.


It's not just our name. It's our mission.

Green Planet wants to make a difference. We aren't interested in simply being another bottled water company. What we are interested in is being a bottled water company that helps create a better world for our kids. And their kids. And so on. Our bottles are made from plants, not petroleum. So they're good for the planet and the 6.8 billion people who call it home. Not only are they recyclable and commercially compostable, they don't have BPA or leach chemicals into the water.

Today I'm grateful for bottled water, filters, and water!!