>Last Straw


This weekend I went to a "soft" opening for a new carnival-themed restaurant. It took me for quite a ride! I had amazing FREE bechamel, walnut, apple sandwich and a salad. There were carnival games and kitschy decorations to admire while I chowed down. They have gluten-free and vegan (very non-carnival of them) menus as well for those of you who take "carnivore" out of "carnival." It says "Step Right Up" on the doorstep, as if it could get any cuter. Some of the specialties include: truffle popcorn, orange blossom cotton candy, and lavendar lemonade popsicles...yummy and without the sickness from riding the roller coaster (speaking from personal experience) or fear of plunging to one's death on poorly assembled contraptions.

Today I'm grateful for food, free food, and free.