It's official, I'm in iLove. I have had my iPhone 4 for approximately one week, 1 day and 5 hours and I can't get enough of it. It does everything - unlock a zip car, scan an item, point out Saturn, and even serves as a compact to see if I have food stuck in my teeth. I thought the picture above highlighted well its sleek form and gentle curves. While I'm enjoying the honeymoon phase I'm also feeling a tad bit guilty about contributing to the consumerist culture that perpetuates using natural resources and creating more waste. So in order to feel less guilty (damn environmental ethics studies) I want to highlight the iPhone 4's shortcoming.

What it can't do is hug a tree, wash my dishes, or send love to all the earthquake victims in Japan. While I can donate money to them via texting on my phone or probably get an app to send them prayers, wouldn't be the same. Yup, it appears the good stuff (although a paper writing app would help) is still up to me, like loving.

Today I'm grateful for apps, iPhones, and love.