>30 Before 30

>Today is my 29th solar return (birthday in hippie speak). I am suprisingly excited to get closer to 30, like a fine wine I am definitely getting better with age. However, there are several things I want to do before I turn over the next decade. The list, in no particular order will most likely change, as all things do - here's the basic list:

1. Get a cat – friendly, quiet, independent, cuddly

2. Write a book
3. Go hang gliding
4. Contribute $30 per week to FFA
5. Attend Ecstatic dance
6. Go to Angel Island
7. Visit De Young
8. Visit Exploratorium
9. Go to House of Air
10. Lake Merritt by Gondola
11. Eat at Burma Superstar
12. Plan to go to India
13. Beat Museum
14. Eat at Dottie’s
15. Caramel chicken at Slanted Door
16. Visit top POPOs
17. Chow down at Gary Danko
18. Create podcast mixes
19. See “The Room” at Red Vic
20. Sing outloud on a bus
21. Pay off credit card
22. Go to Dildo Wars!
23. Take a sail on Bay at sunset
24. Horseback riding on the beach
25. Drive a car more than 100 mph
26. Emergency fund amount for at least two months.
27. Create music mixes online
28. Take a German class
29. Dip at Fondue Cowboy
30. TCHO Chocolate tour