>Practically green machine


I love this site: http://www.practicallygreen.com/ to take a quiz as a way of accessing "green status." I was suprised by my results, several easy things I could be doing that I'm not and my ranking isn't so impressive for a treehugger sort that I am. On my to do list as a "solidly  green person":

  • plant a veggie garden,
  • buy more used things or use Freecycle,
  •  line dry my clothing
  • Use a HEPA filter vac (still learning about that one)
  • stop my bottle water habit (duh)
  • use all natural cleaning products
  • bring reuseable cups to coffee shops
  • use more cloths and not napkins for meals

The list could go on and on, but I'm doing what I can...and so should you!

Today I'm grateful for quizzes, seats on the bus, and sunny days at the beach.