>Jump around


Last week I went to House of Air with some of my favorite people, it certainly put my tiny rebounder to shame. It was a blast bouncing around and I couldn't help but feel like a 10-year old again, not to mention the great cardio workout also involved. While the boys did flips and were basically out of control I became aware of my fear of being out of control. I did a few wall bounces, but for the most part stuck to classic jumps such as the split, side winder (don't know what that is, but I made it up), and imitated kung fu kicks. There was even a dodgeball colliseum, where I remembered how much I don't like boys over the age of 6 to about 30. Number 17 off my "30 before 30" list, done and done!

Today I'm grateful for House of Air, jumping shoes, and Crissy Field.