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You have a purpose for being on Earth during this {r}evolutionary time and I am here to help you live in harmony with it. love working with other healers, witches, and magical souls to uncover purpose and healing through aligning the heart and heavens. 

I offer in-depth astrology readings with a down-to-Earth approach utilizing my studies on the evolution of consciousness and depth psychology. My archetypal astrology natal chart readings focus on the asteroids, feminine archetypes, relationships, and unique life purpose. Through studying the moment of your birth--though sessions can be done even without exact time--we can uncover more of your unique expression of the cosmos.


Think of me as equal parts friend and guide in service of mirroring the gifts of your birth chart, helping you navigate phases of transition, or understanding more about relationships or ideal career needs.

Before studying astrology more than a decade ago I was a huge skeptic...until I realized astrology isn't about just your sun zodiac sign or personal horoscope, the way it is often used today. Instead, it is an incredible tool for self-awareness and appreciating complexity. By diving deeply into the sun sign and its aspects, moon and its aspects, rising sign, & other planets/asteroids at the time of birth we get a much larger picture of someone's unique gifts & purpose for being here. 

What is astrology good for anyway? 

  • Developing more self-intimacy: Astrology provides insight into one's personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, and can help individuals better understand themselves. Used for personal development astrology helps the rest of our lives come into focus.

  • Relationship insight: Astrology can shed light on the compatibility between individuals and provide insight into relationships of all kinds. While often thought about in the context of romantic relationships, astrology utilizes techniques applicable to all connections such as friendships, family members, co-workers, etc.

  • Uncovering life purpose and career path: Astrology can provide guidance on one's life purpose and career path with help in making decisions. Different parts of the natal chart suggest ways to come into closer contact with life directions.

  • Predictive themes: Astrology can offer predictive insight into future events, helping individuals make informed decisions or help decide where to focus energy and time at a given phase. 

  • Spiritual growth: Astrology can provide a spiritual perspective on life and help individuals connect with a higher power. We all have a unique reason and part to play in the larger whole and confidence in this can help enchant us with why we're here.

  • Coping with challenges and large life transitions: Astrology can provide guidance on how to handle challenging times and provide support during difficult situations. Change is inevitable in our lives, but astrology can offer context and mirror how to work through them with more ease.

  • Finding ideal places to live, work, and travel: Astrology comes alive when brought down to Earth to help discover places where we can easily thrive and support our life's unfolding. By looking at the birth chart, understanding transits and timing, and utilizing location techniques, we can find the best "power places" for living, working, or traveling.



I am available for in-person astrology readings in the San Francisco Bay Area for two or more sessions, events, or small groups. 

In addition, I offer a sliding scale and other payment options--particularly for those who identify in traditionally oppressed/marginalized groups or are underemployed. Contact me for more information.

Not sure which session to sign up for? Feel free to email me with questions rebecca(at) or set up a free 15-minute call to learn more about my offerings. 


Image by Guillaume Galtier

Astrology Readings

Archetypal astrology readings for soul-care, self-care, and uncovering more of your life purpose.

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"Rebecca combines her deep knowledge of astrology with kindness, compassion and intuition. As a student of astrology myself, I loved how the spectrum of the reading included astroids that I was unfamiliar with, yet she had tapped into key components that were very much connected to my query. She is present and listens and has skills in a variety of fields. Her musings are super informative and find they are my go-to for astro-happenings. A highly skilled and authentic astrologer!"



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