You have a purpose for being on Earth during this {r}evolutionary time and I am here to help you live in harmony with it. love working with other healers, witches, and magical souls to uncover purpose and healing through aligning the heart and heavens. 

I offer in-depth astrology readings with a down-to-Earth approach utilizing my studies on the evolution of consciousness and depth psychology. My archetypal astrology natal chart readings focus on the asteroids, feminine archetypes, relationships, and unique life purpose. Through studying the moment of your birth--though sessions can be done even without exact time--we can uncover more of your unique expression of the cosmos.


Think of me as equal parts friend and guide in service of mirroring the gifts of your birth chart, helping you navigate phases of transition, or understanding more about relationships or ideal career needs.

Before studying astrology more than a decade ago I was huge skeptic...until I realized astrology isn't about just your sun zodiac sign or personal horoscope, the way it is often used today. Instead, it is an incredible tool for self-awareness and appreciating complexity. By diving deeply into the sun sign and its aspects, moon and its aspects, rising sign, & other planets/asteroids at the time of birth we get a much larger picture of someone's unique gifts & purpose for being here. 



PRICING: My astrology readings are $190 per hour for remote readings and $200 for in-person, with options to add on Astro-mapping (aka Astrocartography) or synastry for an additional $20. Couples Consultations, or other chart comparisons are $222 for 75 minutes.

Please note I offer a sliding scale and other payment options--particularly for those who identify in traditionally oppressed/marginalized groups or are underemployed.


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Astrology Readings

Archetypal astrology readings for soul-care, self-care, and uncovering more of your life purpose.

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Individual Astrology Reading


  • Learning more about their life purpose/life lessons

  • Greater understanding about conscious & unconscious blocks

  • Knowing more about specific needs related to relationships or career choices

  • Explore themes for the year ahead

  • Working with their chart's energies instead of against them

  • Uncovering ancestral and family lineage healing

  • Insight into their strengths for career or relationship purposes

  • Gaining clarity on relationship needs and patterns (Relationship Synastry add-on available)

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Astrology Readings +



  • Discovering best places to live, work, study, write, or travel

  • Working with the chart's energies instead of against them through being the right place at the right time

  • Learning more about their life purpose/life lessons and how different places may shift that

  • Exploring how location impacts your experience

  • Align with locations for the fullest expression of your chart and life purpose

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Chart Comparison 



  • Great for romantic partners, business partners, friends, or family members

  • Can be done with one person or both as long as both parties are  okay with their chart viewing

  • Understanding deeper layers of cosmic compatibility

  • Reiterating places of strength and potential weakness in the dynamic

  • Complete run-down of synastry (comparison of two charts) as well as a composite chart (the personality of the relationship itself)

  • Ideal for those who have known each other more than six months

  • Can also add-on astro-mapping for ideal places for people to live/work

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"If you ever feel like you are just caught in the weeds with life...I want to highly recommend Rebecca M Farrar for an astrology reading!! Not only did she simplify my chart and hone in on the really important key aspects that were supportive for me to know about myself, but she also just made me feel totally seen for these really challenging aspects of my personality, and helped me talk some of it through.

I think the beauty of her astrology reading was helping me "integrate" some of the shadow pieces of my expression, so I don't constantly feel like I am having to fight against myself to change or be better."


--HALLEY BASS, Business Coach

"{Rebecca} has a very unique understanding and application of astrology that is different from other astrologers I’ve worked with. I love how she focuses on the feminine aspects of the chart through her understanding of the asteroids, and really highlights the evolutionary pathways to illumination and healing that are there for us, should we choose to take them. I have a breadth of astrological understanding, but for me it’s important to focus only on what I’m really good at, and to collaborate with others to fill in the gaps. {Rebecca} is in her strength when she is gazing at the stars in someone’s chart, and I am in my strength when I can relax and listen to the similarities she presents, with the work I have already shared with my client, and see the overlying patterns, ultimately pulling out moments of “aha!” for all of us!"


-RACHAEL WEBB, Soul Star Medicine

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"If you’re seeking to feel more purposeful or connected in the world I highly recommend a reading with Rebecca. My family has been visiting astrologers (Eastern) for a long time but I hadn’t really seen the value of an astrology reading until I saw Rebecca. I am now a true believer and credit her for this shift in mindset! She’s very knowledgeable, patient, and nurturing during the reading, and optimistically conveys challenges and opportunities in the chart to her clients. Her philosophy is that astrology opens you up to your ‘subconcious’ or the ‘cards you’re dealt with’ in life. During the course of my reading, she precisely hit upon several challenges that I had always felt but had never been articulated by someone else. She also provided guidance on how to maneuver and negotiate those challenges. It was the first time I truly felt like the universe was working FOR me. I guarantee Rebecca’s readings will deepen and broaden your beliefs in yourself, and your connection to the world."

--LILY C., San Francisco

“{Rebecca} is incredibly articulate and gifted at grounding archetypal concepts into practical ideas and examples. Even as someone who already has a bit of knowledge of the astrological archetypes and my own natal chart, my reading with {Rebecca} gave me a lot to chew on - many of great insights into my patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. And with her special knowledge of the asteroids, her readings are particularly special!"


-- ATHENA C., Body Talk Practitioner

"Rebecca modestly and brilliantly shares keys to life and the timing of life. She accesses wisdom like few others, reading new archetypes from discoveries in the growing solar system. Bright, deeply caring, and funny - get a reading with Rebecca!"



"Rebecca is by far and large the most gifted astrologer I have come across. Each time I walk away from our sessions I have a deep understanding and new context for the current events in my life. Her interpretation always, and I mean always, aligns with my own intuition and internal process. That gives me so much peace. I walk away with new places to grow within, heightened understandings of my life path and purpose, and most importantly, I always leave feeling better than I arrived because after working with Rebecca my self-awareness expands a great deal. Rebecca is a true healer and holds space in such a beautiful, warm, loving way.

She has a gift for taking something as expansive and complex as the cosmos and bringing them down to Earth in an accessible way that anyone who is not as versed in astrology can understand. I am so grateful I found this lovely lady. If you are feeling called, if you need affirmation or guidance, if you want to feel supported by something greater than yourself (and by a fantastic person), go see her!"





"I booked a session with Rebecca because I was curious about astrology and had never had a reading. She made me feel very comfortable and offered so much clarity through our reading! Our first session affirmed that I am sharing my gifts in a positive way. I also had a relationship session where Rebecca guided me and my business partner in understanding our relationship and what roles are most suitable for us as we continue to grow together. I've also joined Rebecca's online study sessions to feed my curiosity! I highly recommend Rebecca's services."




"Rebecca is highly knowledgable. She knows her stuff, and is great at providing new insight and layers of meaning in order to assist me in growing into a better, more content and secure version of myself. I highly recommend going to see her!"


--BRIAN THOMPSON, Licensed Therapist


"{My boyfriend} and I had a wonderful astrology couples consultation with Rebecca this past weekend! I’m still tripping over it! We always knew fate brought us together, but to actually see it in the stars is just incredible! Thank you so so so much {Rebecca}! I totally recommend this if you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level! (P.S. She does this for any sort of relationship! Romantic, friendship, and business partners!)"

--AMY C. 


"Rebecca's ability to perceive the intricacies of my life and to help me make sense of it was a true gift. I walked away from our session with a totally new perspective. She brings to her sessions such warmth, deep and genuine astrological knowledge and at the same time, she easily simplifies the complex. She has an uncanny ability to identify behavior patterns based on your chart and to describe how they've been affecting you. I am deeply grateful to Becky's clear, compassionate and intuitive insights. I continue to recommend others to this very gifted woman!"

--COURTNEY REIMAN, Acupuncturist



"What a shiny star Rebecca is! I can't recommend her highly enough. This amazing, witchy-smart lady is super insightful, caring, and collaborative in her unique approach to reading astrology. She really goes above and beyond in her preparations, and knows how to flow with anything you might ask in the moment of the session. She is so friendly and personable that it's easy to be honest with her about your curiosities."





"As a bodyworker/healer I have received a number of astrology readings as a way to discover deeper insights into my world and life process. I've never met a more knowledgeable or approachable astrologer as Rebecca! I scheduled an in person Birth Chart and Astro-mapping session and am still digesting all the information she was able to share from looking at my planet/star alignment.
My curiosity about this way of exploring our natures and path in life was more than satisfied as she clarified what a North node means! As well as how Saturn is influencing my Sun, and where Chiron is positioned etc... Rebecca has a way of keeping very deep themes light and even playful! She empowered me by providing follow up information so I could continue to research and expand my awareness.


--JANET DEHART, DeHart Studios Owner and Massage Therapist


"Rebecca combines her deep knowledge of astrology with kindness, compassion and intuition. As a student of astrology myself, I loved how the spectrum of the reading included astroids that I was unfamiliar with, yet she had tapped into key components that were very much connected to my query. She is present and listens and has skills in a variety of fields. Her musings are super informative and find they are my go-to for astro-happenings. A highly skilled and authentic astrologer!"


--CLAUDIA COMERCI, Healer and Flower Essence Practitioner

"Part of recovery for me has been tapping every kind of healer own to man and keeping an open mind as I experiment...I cannot begin to count the ways this woman has helped me make sense of the things I can't make sense of, or explain the way she has held my hand as things were falling apart or exploding, or quantify what it means for someone to get you the way she gets people. She has a gift, is a gift, and can even do Astro-mapping and help you understand why, say, Rome feels like home. She's still at that point where she is charging about 10 times less than what I'd pay for her services, and so what I'm saying is if you are looking for a badass brilliant intuitive feminine astrologer healer, here is mine."​

-- HOLLY WHITAKER, Writer and Sobriety Coach 

"I just had a much-anticipated session with the Wild and Wonderful Rebecca! For all my celestial sisters and brothers out there looking for a basic understanding of their individual soul blueprint - book an appointment for your personal astrology reading which utilizes your natal birth chart to explore the innermost workings of you. It was nothing short of amazing, inspiring and insightful."

--CHARLOTTE HUBBLE, Astrology Lover



"Rebecca is a goddess of insight. She combines her deep understanding of psychology with astrology to real the complexities of who you are.   I was skeptical to begin with, but she came w high recommendations from a friend.   Now I've sent several of my own friends to her bc she's just so good at what she does!  I've listened to my own reading several times, and months later, I've noticed that some of the things that I didn't think were totally accurate before are actually accurate.  I just want ready to accept those things about myself.   

She has a wonderful demeanor and is very relatable.   Her combined chart readings for couples or business partners have also been accurate and insightful.   Give her a try.  You won't be disappointed!"






"Rebecca is highly knowledgable. She knows her stuff, and is great at providing new insight and layers of meaning in order to assist me in growing into a better, more content and secure version of myself. I highly recommend going to see her!  She is wise and awake."





"Rebecca holds the space of her readings with a soft, wise, eloquent strength. Her awareness of the movements of the deep feminine psyche and of masculine energies allows one to map one's integral gifts, strengths, pathways of healing and ritual onto the dream of the personality. She has a dialogic, relational approach that made space for me to remain a co-teller of my story. I deeply appreciated the links she sent me, after the reading, to her posts on the patterns of archetypal forces alive in my birth chart."

--MONICA MODY, Diviner & Witch