Interviews & Media

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Podcast & Radio Appearances:
Empowered Spirituality Podcast
Gateways to Awakening Podcast
Trail of Adventure Podcast w/ Holly LaRochelle

Archetypal Astrology + Soul-care + Self-care

Spirit Guides Radio

Spirit Guides Radio Episode 30 & 76: Cosmic Energy Update w/ Rebecca Farrar

Music of the Spheres Podcast

Music of the Spheres Podcast w/ Sabrina Monarch // Episode 6 Rebecca Farrar and the Golden Shadow

P40 podcast

P40 Podcast: Sun-Chiron in conversation with Sherene and Rebecca

school of sparkles image

School of Sparkles with Sara Fruman Episode #26 // Astrology, Mercury Retrograde, & Jupiter annoyance

spirit guides radio

Spirit Guides Radio: Episode 30 // Eclipse Season & Mercury Retrograde with Rebecca M. Farrar hosted by Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza


Bespoken Bones Podcast: Astrology, Ancestors and the Queerness of Uranus with Rebecca Farrar, hosted by Pavini Moray


Love Rising Podcast: Down-to-Earth Astrology with Rebecca Farrar and hosted by Clara Wisner and Kylee Seifert


Priestess Podcast: "Archetypal Astrology" with Rebecca Farrar, hosted by Julie Parker


Rising Women Leaders Podcast Episode 25: "Astrology, Asteroids, and Feminine Archetypes" Rebecca Farrar


Just Stay Curious Podcast Episode 92: Bigger Than Myself w/ Rebecca Farrar, Wild Witch of the West,

Videos of me in all of my wacky/wise glory (see more here):