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Image by Guilherme Stecanella

Wild Women, Holistic Healers

Upcoming Gatherings and Events:

Recent Gatherings and Events:

  • Moon Cycle Circle  with Nimisha Gandhi (5/10/24)

  • Holistic Health Saloon (4/13/24)

  • Heartform (2/16/24)

This community focuses on those who identify as witches, wild women, or other outsider identities and offers a supportive space place to collaborate and connect. All genders or those outside of the gender binary welcome! Online &  in-person events spanning several weeks or one-time occurrences in the Bay Area and beyond.  Join other like-minded souls as we explore themes around sex, power, and creativity as paths for community connection and individual wholeness and healing. 

Questions that guide these gatherings:

  • Who belongs and has power in our society?

  • Who decides who belongs and has power?

  • How can we celebrate not belonging or feeling like an outsider?

  • What is our relationship to sex, power, and creativity?

WITCH: Being a witch refers to committing to a political stance against the macro expression of patriarchy and power and its values of dominance over collaboration. It refers to dismantling our privilege in all aspects of systemic oppression while cultivating unity without bypassing the collective trauma of others.

WILD SOUL/WOMAN/WOMXN: Being a wild woman means valuing wholeness and the shadow (no spiritual bypassing here). Wildness doesn’t mean carefree, but an aspect of being that honors and nurtures the soul in all its forms.


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