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Corporate Training
and Team Building

Uniting the worlds of work and woo with astrology.

Astrology seems to be everywhere these days, and when utilized beyond just the sun sign can offer complexity and insight in the workplace. Similar to personality or self-awareness tools such as Myers-Briggs or Enneagram, astrology can be a valuable tool for understanding and improving communication, teamwork, and overall productivity.

Before becoming an astrologer I worked for more than a decade in the public, private, and non-profit sectors in communications and public relations as a team member and leader. Astrologically, I only wish I knew back then what I know now as it would have made me a better employee and boss. Though now I do my best to bridge the worlds of work and woo.

Astrology for tream builidng can establish relationships and fun way to build morale will increasing connection and empathy in the workplace, here are a few ways it can be worked with:


Training can be done online--virtually via Zoom or your preference--or in person in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. I can accommodate events for large groups of 100+ participants or small group gatherings of five.

Please fill out the form below or learn more about my professional background here

Investment Costs:

  • $200-$300 per hour for astrology or other readings depending on the type of gathering and organization

  • 2-hour minimum 

  • Mileage for there and back for in-person sessions if more than 15 miles away (.65 per mile)

  • Any applicable tolls or parking

  • 50% non-refundable deposit to secure time and day


In addition, I have an event and small business insurance policy and am insured of up to $ 1 million coverage.




Provided team and event astrology readings to companies including:

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Read more here on Google Business or here on my Yelp page

"If you ever feel like you are just caught in the weeds with life...I want to highly recommend Rebecca M Farrar for an astrology reading!! Not only did she simplify my chart and hone in on the really important key aspects that were supportive for me to know about myself, but she also just made me feel totally seen for these really challenging aspects of my personality, and helped me talk some of it through.

I think the beauty of her astrology reading was helping me "integrate" some of the shadow pieces of my expression, so I don't constantly feel like I am having to fight against myself to change or be better."


--HALLEY BASS, Business Coach


"I booked a session with Rebecca because I was curious about astrology and had never had a reading. She made me feel very comfortable and offered so much clarity through our reading! Our first session affirmed that I am sharing my gifts in a positive way. I also had a relationship session where Rebecca guided me and my business partner in understanding our relationship and what roles are most suitable for us as we continue to grow together. I've also joined Rebecca's online study sessions to feed my curiosity! I highly recommend Rebecca's services."


"Rebecca is by far and large the most gifted astrologer I have come across.Each time I walk away from our sessions I have a deep understanding and new context for the current events in my life. Her interpretation always, and I mean always, aligns with my own intuition and internal process. That gives me so much peace. I walk away with new places to grow within, heightened understandings of my life path and purpose, and most importantly, I always leave feeling better than I arrived because after working with Rebecca my self-awareness expands a great deal. Rebecca is a true healer and holds space in such a beautiful, warm, loving way.

She has a gift for taking something as expansive and complex as the cosmos and bringing them down to Earth in an accessible way that anyone who is not as versed in astrology can understand. I am so grateful I found this lovely lady. If you are feeling called, if you need affirmation or guidance, if you want to feel supported by something greater than yourself (and by a fantastic person), go see her!"



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