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Earth: My Favorite Planet 


"A witch is an identity. It is an individual who has embraced their connection with Earth..." - Fay Nowitz

As a witch, I feel deeply rooted in the Earth as a fierce protector of the many ways humans have harmed it. 


Many times female pronouns are used with Earth and I disagree as Earth is beyond a human binary of gender. Even thinking about the magnificence of a flower...many of them have reproductive organs of staminate (male, pollen-producing)  and carpellate (female, ovule-producing) parts.  The birds and the bees pollinate the two sides of both and all, it gives birth and creates new life (egg) and also generates and activates (sperm/seed).


Above all else, the Earth is our relationship to creation itself, which has two forces--activation and allowing. Everything on Earth came from these two energies and it continues today as evolution flares forth. 


Even as an astrologer there is no other planet that enchants and captivates me the way Earth does.







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