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As we enter the new year, it's a great time to reflect on our life purpose and how the cosmos may be guiding us on our path.


In astrology, each person has a unique birth chart that holds the blueprint for their life and can offer insight into their life purpose. By looking at the positions and movements of the planets at the time of our birth, we can gain a better understanding of our strengths, weaknesses, and the challenges and opportunities that may arise throughout our lives.

People often put a ton of pressure on themselves to find their life purpose and perfect career calling, and rightfully so. Having a purpose and feeling aligned on our path can be great for our confidence and sense of self. 


However, I feel strongly about the importance of separating our life purpose from a career calling. To me, we ideally utilize the skills of our purpose as often as possible while seeing with a larger view where we're headed.  Our career calling will continue to shift, but our soul's purpose stays mostly the same--similar to Polaris, the North Star. 


Ultimately, finding your True North means directing your energy toward what is most aligned with your purpose. The natal astrology chart as a blueprint helps us identify varying aspects of the ways we can energize our sense of self and how we may deplete it. It reveals why you came here, what helps you shine versus feel dull, and where to focus your life force. Perhaps most importantly it reminds us of our skills and how to feel more confident and empowered in our sense of worth. 


This winter as we plant intentions for the year ahead,  I'm offering four-session packages for uncovering clarity on the four most formative areas of life. People often ask me how many astrology sessions to do in a  year and I've found four to be the sweet spot. Ideally spread out over the course of a  year. With this package, you can jumpstart 2023 with all the sessions in January or the first few months of the year or spread them out by season for the best, most Astro-aligned year of your life. If our natal chart offers our soul's potential while transits and timing techniques offer clues to when things may unfold. Combining both of these together is the sweet spot for orienting to your unique path. The Find Your True North four-session package is a way to explore all four formative topics over the course of a year. 


The four, one-hour sessions will cover the topics below, but can be adjusted depending on your preferences:


  1. Discovering Your Soul’s True Purpose: Separating purpose from career allows us to see how different work paths can support your purpose at different times, this session will dive into the overarching themes of the chart that point to your purpose

  2. Unearthing Your True Soul Home: Exploring the best places to live, work, and travel based on your natal chart utilizing astrocartography and archetypal resonance locational techniques--my own creation;)

  3. Identifying Your True Soul’s Mate: Whether you are romantically partnered or not, this session will go over the deepest needs for your soul to feel connected and cultivate the relationship you most desire

  4. Finding Your Soul’s Calling: Having a fulfilling career path and a way to contribute to the collective is a basic need of the soul, finding a calling that contributes to your purpose can make all the difference in the world to your happiness

In addition to four astrology sessions, you will also receive a monthly transit report. If you love reading your horoscope, this is a hyper-personalized way to understand how the current sky impacts your personal timing. It will include an email overview of major transits for the month as well as an audio recording.

To start the year off strong:

Find Your True North costs $777 for a one-time payment and includes:

*four astrology sessions on the topics above to use at any time

To spread out the magic:

Find Your Truth North costs $333 every three months for four payments and includes:

* four astrology sessions on the topics above spread out quarterly

* an emailed monthly personalized transit report with a recording and outline of important dates


"The soul came to being at the same time as the sky."-Plato

Find True North with astrology.png

Not sure if you want the package?

Count me in for one payment of $777 without monthly reports. Available until January 31.

Count me in for four payments of $333 and monthly reports 

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Find Your True North Astrology Package
Discover Your Soul's Purpose

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