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Raining Rings :: Saturn & South Node

Last December a study came out by NASA saying Saturn's rings will be gone in a few hundred million years. Ever since this monumental announcement my brain has been a bit boggled as I can't help but think about the archetypal implications of this discovery. Just as consciousness evolves, our solar system evolves, our archetypes evolve. While we often think of Uranus or Pluto as forces of evolution, Saturn's evolution may be slower--a few hundred million years-- but no less important. Saturn represents the aspects of life that are stable and unchanging. The part of being human that craves security and support, the idea that such a recognizable feature, and 4.5 billion years old at that, would

Brene Brown Quotes on Shadow, Shame, & Vulnerability

Like many of millions of others I watched Brene Brown's latest Netflix special and was reminded by not only her brilliance in the shadow but the magic of vulnerability. Also, perhaps we can agree she is one of the most quotable people of all time?? Archetypally this is the domain of Pluto and Scorpio...the shadow and world of the hidden, often enveloped in shame. Like all planets and archetypes Pluto has a healthy and detrimental expression. In its shadow form I stay stuck in the drama of life and my secrets wear on me as I manipulate to hide the truth or my fear. In Pluto's more positive expression, I am constantly reborn through my vulnerability and have a reverence for the divine erotic e

Health & Harmony :: Libra Full Moon Part Deux

Friday, April 19 @ 4:12 a.m. PST // 7:12 a.m. EST Conjunct Hygeia Conjunct Uranus Full Moon Names: Pink Moon, Egg Moon, Hare Moon Plant partners: Orchids, Jasmine, Honeysuckle Keywords & Themes: harmony, equity, fairness, bridge, legalities, superficiality, balance, justice, legalities, equilibrium, one-on-one relating, beauty, goodness, marriage, partnership, collaboration, complementary, diplomacy, fine art, releasing, letting go Collective unConscious: The second Libra Full Moon in a row keeps our hearts aligned with harmonizing with the heavens. Libra acts as a bridge to others and parts of ourselves because it approaches two sides equally and leans towards complementarity and balance.

Interview: Music of the Spheres Podcast & Golden Shadow

Honored to be in Episode 6 of Magic of the Spheres with fellow PCCer (Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness) and astrologer exploring one of my favorite topics...the Golden Shadow. Have a listen here or check out Sabrina Monarch's work here.

Best 20ish Quotes From "Women Who Run With the Wolves"

I realized it has been more than 10 years since I first read Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés and in that time I have reread it numerous times and scoured some chapters more than 10-20 times. (I'm looking at you Skeleton Woman and Sealskin, Soulskin.) For several years I ran a group based on reading these myths together and in that time collected a running tab of my favorites.;) Obviously, the book covers a gazillion different topics around wildness and the soul, though my favorites usually surrounded sex, power, and creativity. I suppose those feel like my favorite witch topics? I have listed my favorites below with those has main themes. I hope it inspires your own

Ambition & Action :: Aries New Moon

Friday, April 5, 2019 @ 1:51 a.m. PT/4:51 a.m. ET/8:51 a.m. UTC *Trine Ceres New Moon, New Habit: Start the day with five minutes of movement. Aries wants to be inspired and have a clear goal to go after. Honor your desire for direction by connecting frequently and more deeply with your top goals. The helpful trine with Ceres offers a self-care boost to keep us on track. Collective unConscious: The new moon in Aries can often give us a much needed boost when we may feel a bit adrift after so much Pisces energy, and Mercury Retrograde.;) As the first sign of the zodiac, it initiates and undertakes...though may not always be so good at completion.;) A playful sign, Aries has a youthful energy

Interview: P40 Podcast & Sun-Chiron

Loved being on the P40 Podcast with fellow archetypal astrologer and Jungian lover Sherene Vismaya. "The P40 Podcast is devoted to furthering the conversation on Jungian psychology, astrology, art and alchemy. Episodes feature interviews with astrologers, Jungian Analysts, healers, metaphysicians and artists." Listen to the episode here or learn more about Sherene's work here.

About Me

Hi, I'm Rebecca (aka Wild Witch of the West), a San Francisco-based archetypal astrologer and writer.  For more than a decade I've been deep diving in the astrology world helping clients connect more to their life purpose and their soul. Pre-astro geek and coming out of the "broom" closet, I received my Master's degree in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness and wrote my thesis on the human connection to the stars. I offer individual and group astrology readings.


"Rebecca is amazing, hands down - you won't be disappointed in seeing her! She's warm, wise, witchy and intuitive, while also managing to be  practical and straightforward with a grounded energy that immediately puts you at ease.

I've never met anyone with such detailed knowledge of astrology, but the magic of Rebecca's readings is in combining astrological archetypal themes with a profound understanding of human nature. The themes she brought forward in my natal chart reading were spot on, and some nearly moved me to tears, long-buried hopes and dreams that I haven't dared to think about in quite some time.

I came away from our session with much more insight into myself, and some ideas that I'll be marinating on for months to come."

-Rachael H., San Francisco, CA






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