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"The soul came to being at the same time as the sky."-Plato

More than 2000 years ago the philosopher Plato believed we each have an assigned star that guides our soul throughout our time on Earth. Then after we die we return to our companion star to watch the universe unfold from the heavens, or the atmosphere above Earth where the Gods dwell. He called it ether, or aether.

This enchanted worldview has been the guide for my own astrology practice and philosophical studies. The word desire inspired my entire thesis research as it evolved from Greek and Latin that could be originally translated as "await what the stars will bring." To me, our every desire comes from our companion star as it whispers to us from the etheric realms above, the original birthplace of our soul and cosmic journey.

Enchanted Ether is a year-long membership for those who want to uncover more of their life purpose through astrology and the unfolding of the soul through transits.  The natal chart offers clues, and pieces of a larger picture puzzle of why our soul chose this time and this moment to embody. Through this exploration, we can find the meeting points of heart and heaven and Earth and Ether. 

The membership--limited to 20--works in harmony with the Venus cycle of light from Earth. It has a blend of one-on-one learning, self-study, and optional online group classes. This membership moves towards the big picture, the wholeness that shapes destiny through desire. Ultimately, enchanting you with yourself at the intersection of where you and the cosmos co-create. 

This is for anyone who:
* Feel more connected to their life purpose

* Understanding their unique self-care and soul-care

* Wants to dive deeply into their natal astrology chart
* Desires how to discern which astrological information is most relevant to you
* Craves inspiration in how to move forward with an idea or is feeling stuck
* Hopes to harmonize different aspects of personality
* Yearns for feeling more on their path and life direction
* Discover the strengths and growing edges of the soul
* Finds themselves in the midst of transition and not sure what wants to be created on the other side


Membership includes:
* 30-minute one-on-one sessions every month to go over transits, timing, or astro alignment

* Monthly emails with your transits and other important timing information

* Monthly audio recorded transit information you can relisten to throughout the month
* Monthly worksheets with journal prompts 
* Videos related to your transits 



  • $250 per month or $3000 one-time payment

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Enchanted Ether

Finding life purpose and uncovering more of your unique cosmic journey

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