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Life Purpose Membership

A membership for finding life purpose and uncovering more of your unique cosmic journey

"The soul came to being at the same time as sky."


Having a sense of life purpose makes life worth living, it gives us a reason to get out of bed or keeps us motivated when things feel overwhelming. It is of course also one of the most common questions asked during astrology sessions. And rightfully so, as meaning provides inspiration during what may otherwise can sometimes feel like the confusion of human existence. Life purpose can provide a meeting point for our skills, passions, and life lessons. And astrology can be an incredible tool for aligning your heart and the heavens with your reason for being here during this (r)evolutionary time on Earth. 


This membership moves towards the big picture, the wholeness that shapes destiny. Limited to 20 people, and personalized to each individual. Ultimately enchanting you with yourself at the intersection of where you and cosmos co-create. Not necessarily just the hero’s journey, but the soul’s search for self. 


I have been working on this idea for almost a decade now combining my philosophy, depth psychology, and my own soul's meaning. Stay tuned!