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Midheaven: Charting Your Ideal Career


One of the most common things people want to talk about in astrology readings is about finding their ideal career or life purpose. While astrologers are not career counselors, examining a few major parts of the chart can offer really great insights into possibilities.

The midheaven, or MC, is one of the four major angles in the natal chart also including the rising, descendant, and nadir/IC. Like the rising, it is determined by the time and location of your birth. One of my favorite astrologers Donna Cunningham describes the points as “live wires” as they are key activations of the chart making them particularly sensitive to transits and important life events or transitions. These four quadrants resemble a compass with the midheaven as our North Star or guiding light.

Though the MC line sits at the entrance to the 10th house and is associated with the planet Saturn and sign of Capricorn. It reflects career, aspirations, public reputation, and life goals. Capricorn concerns also include status and how we want to be perceived in society and often brings about a sense of destiny. The midheaven is opposite the lowest point in our chart, the IC or nadir (more on that next month). I find the sign of the IC often offers us skills from our past that move us more fully into our midheaven purpose.

Ultimately the midheaven is a point of culmination and gives us the general themes or ideals we often spend our lives reaching for. These could be a part of a larger life purpose…Knowing more about your midheaven can help you continue moving in the right direction and following your own North Star.

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