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Total Eclipse of the Head :: New Moon/Eclipse in Virgo

I don't usually write about the new moon, but this one's a doozy occurring on Thursday, Sept. 1 at 2:03 a.m. PDT at 9 degrees Virgo. Just like other new moons this is a great reset button with beginnings and possible endings. In addition, it is a solar eclipse (the sun’s light will be partially hidden) that can only be seen from parts of Africa and the Middle East, its effects can be felt worldwide. This new moon/eclipse is in the Earthy, analytical sign of Virgo, is opposite Neptune, conjunct the lunar nodes, squaring Saturn and Mars, and trining Pluto. It will impact everyone differently depending on which house it occurs in your chart and many other factors. However, some basic themes revolve around completing the past and moving forward (the Lunar Nodes) with intentionality (Mars) and maturity (Saturn). The opposition from Neptune can make things feel dreamy or somewhat overwhelming, though Pluto’s supportive trine makes this timing particularly transformative and ripe for rebirthing parts of yourself.

These energies may feel intense, especially since Mercury’s recent retrograde, be sure to take time to slow down and ground to prevent disassociation (a common occurrence with a lot of Neptune energies).

Eclipses come in pairs and will be mirrored by a lunar eclipse with the full moon on Sept. 16/17. August 19, 2016

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