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Aliens, Rebels, & Weirdos: Uranus opposite Jupiter


You don’t need to follow astrology to know 2017 will be a doozy, I am sure you can feel it for yourself. Things are weird and if the planets are any indication, which I believe they are, it is only going to get weirder…and we have Uranus to thank.

Uranus rules the realms of the quirky, weird, out-of-the-ordinary, revolution, humanitarian efforts, rebel, sudden insights, consciousness, evolution, technology, future, beyond our solar system, and astrology (astrologers certainly are a strange bunch). Some of its more shadow expressions could be non-committal, compulsive, or attached to beliefs of uniqueness.

Uranus has been in retrograde since July 29 and will begin moving forward right before the New Year on December 29. When planets are in retrograde they appear to be moving backwards from our perspective on Earth though it is not accurate. While there may not be astronomically a significance for this shift, astrologically, it’s as if they are begging us to slow down and pay more attention. With Uranus moving forward again we may experience a revolution as full steam ahead or perhaps revisiting insights that came about in the summer.

In addition to its new momentum, Uranus began a year-long dance with Jupiter this last week that will continue as a major astrological theme throughout 2017. Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system and often considered the most benefic, expands whatever it comes into contact with. The themes of Jupiter revolve around philosophy, morality, travel, celebration, or success. In its more shadow expression it leans towards excessiveness, over-consumption, self-involvement, and hyper-morality. In relationship to Uranus it can invoke a revolutionary spirit against things that may not seem moral or non-humanitarian. (I think we have all felt this energy building since the 2016 U.S. election.)

In astrology, the way to describe when two planets come into relationship is called an “aspect.” Depending on the angle (e.g. 90 degrees, 180 degrees, etc.) determines the nature of the relationship and whether it may be more harmonious or require extra effort to integrate them with each other. With the current opposition between Jupiter and Uranus, the energies may seem at odds or swinging to extremes before coming into balance. The positioning implies both a tension and a desire for harmony. Here are some possible ways/themes this aspect may express itself over the next year and felt the most particularly during exact opposition: · Achievements in technology · Breakthroughs in abundance or equality · Celebration of the weird (or perhaps astrology!) · Expanded consciousness · Large-scale protests/revolution · Extreme excitement or compulsivity · Cycle of creativity and expansion · New truths or philosophies calling for evolution · Change that leads to new freedom of expression

The recent exact opposition between Uranus and Jupiter was December 22-December 29, with Uranus at 20 degrees Aries and Jupiter across from it at 20 degrees Libra. This same alignment will occur again Feb. 27-March 4, 2017 when Uranus is exact Eris the goddess of the female warrior at 22 degrees Aries, and again when Uranus is in retrograde Sept. 26-Sept. 30, 2017. Though between March and September when the planets are not exact, they stay within 10–15 degrees opposite each other, meaning their impact may still be very palpable.

In addition, the signs of Libra and Aries represent an energy of opposing wants where Aries craves independence and individuality and Libra desiring unity and harmony. Aries is the lone wolf warrior and Libra wants fairness and equality with complementary. Transcendental ideals.These seemingly competing ideals may at first seem opposite and swing wildly between extremes and perhaps as the alignment continues the planets may find their balance on the polarity.

While my lineage of astrology does not focus on predictions and instead themes or archetypal energies, I think it is inevitable that 2017 and the Uranus opposite Jupiter alignment will certainly continue the trend of strangeness and a revolutionary spirit. Other possible outcomes: universal income, worldwide currency, truths about extraterrestrials, or perhaps even a successful evolution/change of current political structures. Whatever lies ahead in the new year I feel pretty confident it will be weird or stranger than we ever could have imagined. Want to learn more about upcoming transits in the New Year? Check out my 2017 Astrological Forecast recording here.

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