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Inner Mean Girl, Bitch, & Leader of the Pack: Aries Moon and Mars-Moon

woman mean girl aries moon

I will never forget the day when a CEO of a company I worked for pulled me into this office to say I scared him. I laughed to myself and giggled with colleagues about it when I left his office, but I couldn’t shake something in me that knew he could have been scared easily by how I was in some ways seemed like I was taking over his company. I’ve spent a lot of my life tempering my temper and feeling this force field of energy in my being that frightens me as well. I often just pretend it isn’t there until I find myself taking something over and wanting to be in charge or I slow down long enough to feel the background annoyance. When I don't slow down enough to feel and name my anger on the spot...then it shoots out of me in unconscious passive aggressive (ew) or blatantly aggressive darts. It was only recently that I noticed all of my closest girlfriends have Moon-Mars or Sun-Mars aspects (or both in my case). My Aries Moon and Venus loves fiery women whom I can build mutual respect as too much wishy-washy and I quickly get bored and unmet in my need for excitement and energy. I used to feel my Aries moon was the bane of my existence, this part of me that felt aggressive or that I constantly had to manage in order to hide this internal process of agitation, annoyance, and anger. With Venus conjunct my Moon I can feel my niceness kick in shortly after feeling anger, a way to make things pretty and nice instead of honoring my inner mean girl. As an Aries moon woman with a nice Taurus Sun, I have a deep fear of being labeled or identified as a bitch or being unkind. Though more recently I feel grateful for my fire, ambition, and warrior spirit that is so desperately needed during this time. I have a deep desire to protect and fight for people (though usually women) and things I love and have begun to really appreciate about myself in a way I didn’t before. I appreciate my silly FB arguments and boxing classes (I used to teach Kickboxing) as an outlet for my protective instincts. With Sun-Mars aspects these qualities tend to be more conscious or in many ways a large part of someone’s identity. With Moon-Mars and Aries Moon (Mars rules Aries), the emotional realm tends to be energized with Mars and can also be largely unconscious in its expressions (as with my anger) and motivations. Aries moon and Moon-Mars have a deep need for respect, action, and inspiration. The moon can also reveal to us our instinctual emotional reaction or way of feeling…for me, it is usually a slight annoyance or being bored without a lot of energy. One of my favorite things about astrology is understanding the spectrum of experience that governs each planet and sign with Moon in Aries or Moon-Mars the elevated expressions could be: • Enthusiasm or a lot of energy • Ambition and desire to be in charge • Passionate • Need for inspiration • Optimistic • Process emotions quickly through movement/exercise • Action-oriented • Values independence and bravery • Warrior for the feminine

The Shadow expressions could be: • Unconsciously competitive or dominating (bully or mean girl) • Often feel annoyed or angry (though can pass quickly if acknowledged) • Need to dominate situations or people (I hate delegating or having a boss) • Bored easily • Impatient and instant gratification focused • Overly optimistic leading to emotional avoidance • Compulsive • Desire to be in charge • Passive aggressive when not communicating anger

Psychologically the complexes to look out for could be emotional avoidance, possible anger management issues, selfish (not wanting to share), bipolar or compulsive disorders, and instant gratification obsessed. Of course in every person, the dynamic shows up differently and I can only speak for the expressions I have noticed in myself and my fellow Aries-Moon or Mars-Moon friends. Another aspect of Aries-Moon and Moon-Mars is the idea of things needing to change or being in charge of one’s home. If I look closely this is most likely the main reason I love living alone…I can change things around and I do my best to make sure my cat (who also has an Aries moon), knows I am the boss. More recently I’ve been expressing more of my bitch through flipping cars off when they almost run me over in SF, listening to "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys on repeat, and practicing not giving a f*ck. I’ve also found inspiration in fellow Aries Moon folks such as Angelina Jolie, Ellen Degeneres, Bernie Sanders who show up as warriors for children and those less fortunate putting their fire to good use. I can't pretend this fire doesn't exist or fear my own inner mean girl or alpha -dog or it comes back to bite me. Instead, I can use my protective powers for good and send as many angry emails to the White House as I damn well please.


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