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Freedom & Conscience :: Uranus trine Saturn

Today marks the third and last exact trine between Uranus and Saturn since December 2016, the other on May 19, 2017. While these two powerhouse planets have been within five degrees throughout 2017, the pattern culminates during a final trine at 1:44 p.m. PT/4:44 p.m. ET. with Uranus at 25 degrees Aries and Saturn at 25 degrees Sagittarius.

Saturn honors tradition and the past and relates to principles of structure or the largest society structure of patriarchy. Saturn in its elevated expression offers discernment, commitment and support though in recent history has taken on more of the shadow expressions of the judge, fundamentalist (economic, religious, or political), or authoritarian.

Uranus, on the other hand, operates in the land of change, evolution, breakthroughs and shifts in consciousness. It seeks to honor the awakening principle in society and holds the pole of rebellion and social justice. In its shadow side it can be non-committal, chaotic, or resist for the sake of resisting.

The recent elections already speak to a disruption of current structure and the Uranus trine Saturn energies at work. I also hope for it to bring more order to the chaos and upheaval resonating with the Uranus square Pluto the previous five years.

Here are other keywords and phrases relating to this trine:

  • Change to old structures (such as patriarchy or other authoritative, suppressive structures)

  • Evolutionary wisdom

  • Building a legacy of freedom

  • Harmonizing the extremes of tradition and innovation

  • Consciousness and awakening that stands the test of time

  • Co-existing of creativity and security

  • Slowing of impulsivity and cultivation of stillness

On this day the Sun is also squaring the North in Leo and South Node in Aquarius perhaps shining a light on a tension or crossroads about how we harmonize the aspects of tradition and change in ourselves and the collective.

It is also important to mention the current Saturn square Chiron as a part of this configuration as the third and last exact square occurred only a week ago. This important tension has been a part of the Saturn-Chiron conjunction in 1966 that planted the seed of a shifting Saturn. Conjunctions create a starting point, like a new moon, while the square represents the initiation into something new or a deep healing. Saturn with Chiron makes us aware of what we may be healing from our family roots and cycles of karma and oppression. The next Saturn-Chirn conjunction occurs in 2028 and begins a new cycle of wholeness and healing.

My personal hope is that these planetary combinations continue to unravel the wounding and impact of current and past society has had on all of us. For us to awaken into a new karmic cycle committed to acknowledging the past while shifting into a future of freedom (Uranus) with conscience (Saturn).

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