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Uranus-Venus :: Awakening Eros


When Venus and Uranus come into contact, things are bound to be exciting. When the planet of connection meets the planet of individuality, non-traditionality, and consciousness it may be a reminder of the awakening process inherent in connection. As with collective personal planet transits, those with a Venus and Uranus contact in the sky, those with the combination natally are often more likely to notice it.

Venus-Uranus wants fireworks, or at least that is what Uranus wants. Individuals with this combination often fall in love quickly or often and may crave non-traditional ways of relating (hello polyamory or long-distance relationships). Venus and Uranus crave excitement in connection and may get bored easily with relationships that don't seem "otherworldly" or too "Earthly." These two planets may also catalyze abrupt beginnings and endings around love. (Hope this doesn't sound too critical, my Venus-Saturn that craves stability in relating is quite dubious of this combo.);)

In its positive expression, this combo utilizes the powers of love to awaken into more consciousness. Or perhaps an openness and freedom in relationships as an ability to come and go as one pleases while still maintaining connection and individuality. This combination is usually accepting and open to people from all walks of life and may also have an innate charisma and charm. Often people with this combination easily cultivate self-expression in themselves and others.

The Venus-Uranus contacts are often a powerful catalyst for the awakening process, though I find them particularly helpful to know about for navigating relationship dynamics when a synastry or composite chart has this combination.

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