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2017 Astrological Year in Review

Ring in new Year astrology 2017

As an astro-geek my main lens of the world orbits around archetypal cosmology, a way for me of orienting to the collective and personal experience through the planetary bodies in our solar systems. At any given moment we dance between the two being impacted by both the whole and our individual chart. When I think about 2017 astrologically what stands out to me is the eclipse, Jupiter moving into Scorpio, Uranus opposite Jupiter, and the recent Saturn into Capricorn move all stand out to me the most. Our collective journey this year has been defined to me by division in truth, shadow work, and a desire for change (thank goodness Uranus, the planet of revolution, begins moving forward again Jan 2 as things were feeling a bit stuck to me).

The planets associated with the collective move slowly and therefore are defined by generations and the larger experience of time, these are often referred to as the transpersonal planets. These planets relate more to the collective experience. Here are some questions to sit with to relate and reflect on the whole:

2017 Review and Reflect for the collective:

Uranus: Where did you notice change, evolution, or consciousness shifting?

Chiron: What painful places or collective wounds seem to be up for healing?

Neptune: What visions or new dreams are being illuminated?

Pluto: What is being reborn or transformed?

On a personal level, our natal chart in astrology represents our individual, unique soul's journey and the web that weaves our wholeness and complexity. While each planet represents an aspect of our self, the houses are areas of life we reveal our strengths. I designed this basic reflection and planning/goal setting for the year ahead with an astrological theme (duh!). Each sign and planet has a shadow and elevated expression, and with the personal planets because they move so quickly they have a deeper impact. The "Social" planets of Jupiter and Saturn bridge the personal and the collective.

2017 Review and Reflect of the personal:

  • Sun:

  • Where did I shine in 2017?

  • Where did I hold back?

  • Moon:

  • How was I kind to myself or good at my self-care?

  • Where am I craving more nourishment?

  • Mercury:

  • What did I learn about myself?

  • What still confuses me?

  • Mars:

  • What did I accomplish?

  • Where was I challenged?

  • Venus:

  • What made my heart warm? Did I feel connected?

  • What and how did I experience pleasure?

  • Jupiter:

  • What did I celebrate this year?

  • Where did I over-consume?

  • Saturn:

  • Where was I fearful?

  • Where did I commit?

  • Chiron:

  • What wounds did I heal?

  • Where is there still pain?

  • Uranus:

  • What surprised me?

  • Where am I still stuck?

  • Neptune:

  • How can I go more with the flow?

  • Where am I fearful or have anxiety?

  • Pluto:

  • How did I transform or change?

  • Where am I still holding grudges or shame?

As a witch, I find power in ritual and connecting to the seasons. Winter is ruled by Saturn and brings things into reality, I suggest writing out answers to the questions below and reading them somewhere out loud in nature. Perhaps offering honey or water to the Earth for cleansing or sweetness.

Because the New Year and Cancer Full Moon occur so close to each other, perhaps combine the two rituals...or honor Cancer by staying home and taking a bath.=) Otherwise find some time to take out a piece of paper, relax with some tea or other cozy beverage and connect with your personal cosmos.

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