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Mercury Meetings January 24-28


Mercury has been busy since moving into business-minded Capricorn on January 11 (and of course I had to post on Wednesday/Mercredi/Mercury day). Over the next week it has magical meetings scheduled with Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, and Chiron between January 24 through January 28. Mercury rules the realms of communication, thinking, and analyzing and when in Capricorn values being to the point, methodological, and choosing words carefully. As the intellectual planet connects with different planets this week, it may spark different elements of our perception.

Mercury asks us to consider and connect with our own logos. Consider is one of my favorite words as it comes from Latin considerare perhaps literally "to observe or divine from the stars," from com- "with" (see com-) + sidus (genitive sideris) "constellation." When this word came into existence in a time when humans observed the stars for astrology. {Like etymology stuff? That's my speciality and thesis topic, read more here}

Here are some possible aspects of Mercury to consider that may emerge during the next several days:

January 24/25 :: Mercury conjunct Pluto

Highlights the alchemical nature of Mercury to transform or reveal things we may want to hide. A time for vulnerable communication and uncomfortable confrontation. Examine places of intensity or obsession in your thinking.

January 25 :: Mercury sextile Jupiter

Reminds us of the expanse possible through our mental capacities and exploration. Perfect for reading philosophy or making travel plans. Though I plan to use this harmonious combination for focusing on the vision for my life and business.

January 26 :: Mercury square Uranus

Calls attention to the mind's ability for awakening and consciousness,with a square the tension may be palpable for a new way of thinking. Breakthroughs and sudden insights are a frequent occurrence with this dynamic duo. Have a notebook nearby just in case to record new insights or ideas ripe for innovation.

January 28:: Mercury sextile Chiron

Invites us to notice the healing power of words through writing, reading, or speaking up when we would normally stay silent. Trust the inner voice of wisdom that may sometimes feel insecure or unsure. Honor and appreciate your own way of learning and assimilating information even if it may confuse or not seem logical to others.

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