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Initiation, Invigoration, and Intuition :: Pisces New Moon



Satur{n}day, March 17

6:12 a.m. PT/9:12 a.m. ET/1:12 p.m. UTC

  • Conjunct Chiron

  • Square Mars and Vesta

Keywords/Themes: Healing illusions, cleansing old wounds, new dawn, intuitive initiation, personal renewal, wholeness, oracle and mentor, Reiki/Chiropractic care, momentum with intention, ritualize action, magic in the making

Collective energies:

New moons begin a new lunar month and represent the beginning of a new cycle or phase. This mo{o}nth’s new moon initiates us into intuition and healing before the astrological new year, Saint Patrick’s Day, Spring equinox, as well as the next Mercury Retrograde. (Though fear not, Mercury retrograde isn’t always what it seems to be...I tend to think it is hyped up much more than necessary).;)

Spring offers a time of personal renewal and rebirth, though first a watery…Pisces cleansing. Similar to the last full moon full of Neptune, this moon continues the themes of possible overwhelm, anxiety, or fantasy. Or in its elevated expression inviting us into intuition, vision, and spiritual bliss.

Only one degree away from the new moon sits the hybrid meteor/asteroid Chiron, the symbolizer of life lessons and tender spots. When the Moon and Sun are conjunct, as in a new moon, there is a harmonizing between our conscious and our unconscious parts of our psyche. This connection may open up awareness around wounds or places of pain that we didn’t realize still existed. Pay attention to where we may feel victimized or unlovable during this new moon phase as it may be a key to a doorway of deeper healing for ourselves as well as a personal healing gift for the collective.

Pisces craves unity and Chiron desires wholeness, together they may remind us of the places that prevent us from a sense of belonging to not just a community, but to the greater universal whole. Conversely this new moon may help us tap into the part of us that intuitively knows we fit into a larger plan or destiny, though may not be entirely sure how.

The square to Mars and Vesta, may evoke tension around how we take action or focus our spiritual energy. Mars wants motion and can become agitated or annoyed when things don’t happen as quickly as it wants. While Vesta wants us to focus and clarify our intentions to use our rituals and routines in service.

Allow this new moon to wash away what needs rising and focus on intuition as a guide into the new season. Pisces phases can often feel slow or a bit lost at sea, though with the Sun moving into Aries it seems clear there are signs of spring renewal on the horizon. Don’t let Mars rush you, take the time to ritualize and perhaps even create ceremony around your momentum as we had into Spring.

Personal energies:

The goal of Chiron in our natal chart is to educate us about the wounds time won’t heal. It reveals to us how our issues, suffering, and woundedness play out in the drama of our lives. Often those with prominent Chiron feel there is something very wrong or that they need fixing of some sort. Locate Chiron (the green looking key) in our chart and perhaps do some research on its placement. (I also offer 15-minute Chiron sessions for a brief intro, more info here:

Look for what area of your chart has 26 degrees Pisces, is there a planet nearby? Which house does it fall into? This may offer clues to navigate this next lunar month through April 15.

Questions to consider:

  • Where do I feel consistently insecure or unlovable?

  • In what situations or circumstances do I feel I don’t belong?

  • What unique gifts to I have to offer for healing the collective?

  • Do I avoid my pain through disassociation or avoidance? If so, how?

  • Where do I force action instead of going with the flow?

Ritual Ideas:

  • Spend some time meditating on where you still feel you need “fixing” and the healing powers you have to offer to everyone and yourself.

  • Free write in your journal to utilize the intuitive powers of Pisces to see what shows up when you move more into right side of the brain.

  • Find your own way to honor spring, whether it be an altar with flowers or eggs or a long walk outside.

  • Carve or collage a candle with your intentions for the next new moon cycle, focus on visions and dreams for the future you have been afraid to admit you want.

  • Sing, paint, or play music at sunrise to honor the spring season and the imaginative powers of Pisces and is ability to cultivate flow states in our experience.

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