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Action, Awakening, & Othering :: Aries New Moon


{Image by Cosmic Collage}

NEW MOON 26 DEGREES ARIES Sunday, April 15 & Monday, April 16 6:57 p.m. PT/9:57 p.m. ET/1:57 a.m. UTC • Conjunct Uranus • Conjunct Eris • Square Pluto

Keywords/Themes: Protector, conflict, discord, enemy, shadow other, courage, outsider, forward motion, warrior, action, creative sparks, transformation and transmutation, alchemy/occult

Collective energies: New moons are the phase of the lunar month where we begin again, a moment of union where the Sun and Moon come together. This new moon is particularly full of freshness as it the first new moon since the Spring Equinox, considered the astrological new year.

Aries, the first sign in the zodiac “springs” us forward into momentum and put us into contact with our passions. On a good day it energizes and inspires us and on a bad day, brings up agitation or aggression. Use this lunar energy to reignite places that have lost focus with new creative ways to move forward, thanks to it being near Uranus.

This new moon occurs shortly before the asteroid/meteor Chiron enters Aries, bringing about a lot of collective healing and perhaps re-wounding around our relationship to the yang principle of our being. Perhaps this Aries new moon gives us a practice round for feeling our anger or agitation before we do the work collectively.

Eris near this combination reminds us that we are deep in a collective awakening of our shadow other. The parts of us that we have disowned and projected onto others as well as groups of people. The outsider identity of this archetype helps us remember that we are in fact all “others” in some way whether obvious or not.

The dynamic with Pluto calls for transformation, transmutation by means of mystery or shadow work. Be on the look out for places of discomfort or a feeling of stuckness, that is often a signal before Pluto’s desire to unearth something important in our lives.

This new moon cycle begins on the same day that Mercury retrograde ends, a phase when the planet seems to suspend in time before moving forward again. Depending on factors of your birth chart and transits, this retrograde may or may not have been particularly disorienting, though we all seem to have a collective sigh of relief when such an important planetary body returns to normal motion.

Personal energies: This lunar month is a good time to come into more contact with your natal Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries. It often reveals to us our conflict style, passions, as well as what turns us on. Notice the sign its in as well as other planets that are nearby that could assert their influence. Look for the location of 26 degrees Aries in your chart as this offers insight into what area of life this new moon will start anew.

Other important happenings this lunar month: • Tuesday, April 17 :: Chiron enters Aries & Saturn Retrograde begins // Shift in focus on our collective wounding as well as healing (hopefully) of wounded masculine. A revisiting of personal and collective legacy as well as perhaps a break from rigidity and structure. • Thursday, April 19 :: Sun moves into Taurus // Season of Taurus means bringing attention to the sensual and erotic nature of our being, that isn’t always sexual, but definitely creative. • Sunday, April 22 :: Pluto Retrograde begins & Earth Day // Uncovering places of discomfort or deepening into shadow work. • Tuesday, April 24 :: Venus enters Gemini // Feminine archetype of wisdom and intelligence as an expression of beauty. • Sunday, April 29 :: Full Moon in Scorpio // More to come😉 • Tuesday, May 1 :: Beltane

Questions to consider: • What inspires me and keeps me motivated? Likewise, agitates or annoys me? (Those are gateways into passion and inspiration.) • Where in my life do I feel like an outsider? • How do I relate to those considered outsiders, both individuals and collective groups? How is our shadow projected onto them? • What wants to be uncovered that I’ve been avoiding because of discomfort?

Ritual ideas: • Create an altar to Aries energy with fire/candles and intentions for the next four weeks around passion projects or what inspires your creative spark. • Do some research or read books on occult mysteries or alchemy to explore their hidden meaning around our internal transformational process. • Make something, anything…whether its coloring, collaging, a floral arrangement. Find a way to connect with the energy of creation through movement and motion. • Dance parties alone or with others, Aries craves physical movement as a gateway to the emotions and creativity.

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