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Astromapping: Place & Purpose


One of my favorite astrological applications is astrocartography, astro*carto*graphy, or astro-mapping as I call it. Created by Jim Lewis in 1975 this system compares various degrees of the zodiac with latitude and longitude lines of Earth and the main angles of the birth chart.

I find astromapping and astrocartography extremely helpful with clients for adding another layer to acknowledging their experience and also finding ideal places to live, work, and travel. It gives us information about how we can ground planetary wisdom in a place for more healing and support on our soul's journey. While there aren't any "bad" or "good" planets, that also means there aren't "bad" or "good" places to live. Just like with our birth chart, planets represent a potentiality and so do the locations with specific planets. Things are more ripe for manifestation or synchronicity.


When looking at an astrocartography map there are often thick, very strong lines as well as more subtle ones that show all the major aspects to the rising, midheaven, nadir, and descendant. In my experience you can be up to a few hundred miles from the thick lines and still feel them, though it less distance for the thin lines. I tend to prefer places to live that have a strong Sun, Moon, or North Node line nearby and for traveling, the same lines as well as Jupiter and Uranus.

Of course, astrocartography, isn't the only way of measuring someone's experience in a location as there are many factors to take into consideration. I also pay attention to:

  • Astro-relocation // How the birth chart's major lines shift in a different place. Example: I was born in Virginia and my midheaven was in Aries, living in California my midheaven is in Aquarius.

  • Geodetics // Different locations on Earth also have their own energy separate from our chart that may or may not feel resonant. Example: Most of the USA is ruled by Sagittarius and Northern California is Scorpio

  • Birth chart of City & Location // Similar archetypal patterning between the chart of someone and the location where they live. Example: San Francisco has Gemini Moon conjunct Astraea, my Sun is conjunct Astraea. SF also has a strong Uranus, as does my own birth chart.

  • Personal Transits // Depending on what is happening in the sky related to your natal chart would change your experience of a specific planet and its impact. Though depending on personal transits, it can also be helpful to coordinate based on those. Example: I am having a Neptune square my moon transit and I may want to visit a Saturn line for grounding or balancing.

Other things of note:

  • People who live in a location can also represent that energy for you, you may not have to be in a place to experience it. Jim Lewis calls this "Remote Activation." Example: My parents live on one of my Jupiter lines and being with them always feels like a space where I have expansion and abundance. I also do FB ads there.;)

  • The lines don't change, the difference between astrocartography and astro-relocation is that it stays the same over time.

  • For everyone a lot of the lines cross at the North Pole or far North (I've noticed a lot near Iceland), these are pockets of energy, but with so much going on it may just cross it each other out. Though most people don't go there because of weather.;)

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