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Integration & Inquiry :: Gemini New Moon


New Moon 22 degrees Gemini // June 13, 2018 // 12:45 p.m. PT/ 3:45 p.m. ET/7:45 p.m. UTC

  • New moon sextile Eris

  • New moon sextile Juno

  • Hygiea and Chiron

  • Mercury sextile Uranus

  • Mercury square Chiron

  • Venus enters Leo

  • Mars conjunct South Node

Collective Consciousness

This week kinda feels like one for the is jam-packed with astrological happenings. As always, the new moon creates time to pause, reset, and slow down…all things Gemini doesn’t exactly enjoy doing. Instead the gregarious air sign leans more towards moving quickly, sometimes at the cost of being scattered. Pay attention to all the things that want your attention this new moon, how can you instead direct your thoughts and intentions more clearly. Gemini is great at communicating, chatting, and charming. Though it can certainly show up as two-sided or thinking in extremes. A healthy expression for this sign would be moving towards the ability to hold two things at once and integrating parts that may seem like opposites. This alchemical capacity could be the key to Gemini’s magic and constant curiosity and skill at holding the paradox of being both teacher and student.

Individual Integration

Moon Magic // Abracadabra // Practice the vocal rituals of speaking things into being, while new moon's offer a time for reflection and new beginnings, this one in particular invites us to speak up. Whisper and speak the intentions for this new moon.

Earth Enchantment // Clouds // Clouds connect us to the energies of Gemini who has a reputation for being a bit out to lunch sometimes. Difficult not to be charmed by these magnificent atmospheric creations that hold millions of tons of water. There are around 10 different types of clouds, and even an iridescent kind!

Other Important Astro-happenings this Lunar Mo{o}nth:

  • Friday, June 15 :: Venus trine Chiron & Mercury opposite Saturn // Relational wound heal relationally though may be tough to talk about them.

  • Saturday, June 16 :: Venus crosses Heart Power Portal // Harness the power of your compassion and care on this day.

  • Monday, June 18 :: Neptune stations to go retrograde // Things will begin to get more intuitive or perhaps confusing for the next several months as Neptune goes backwards.

  • Thursday, June 21 :: Summer Solstice, Sun moves into Tropical Cancer, & Venus opposite Mars // Longest day of the year while we play with rest and ambition.

  • Tuesday, June 26 :: Mars stations to go retrograde // Time warp to reexamine our relationship to our leadership, ambition, and agitation.

  • Thursday, June 28 :: Capricorn Full Moon // Full moon feels as always, stay tuned for the Wild Witch Fix newsletter for updates on this lunar peak.

{Collage by moi!}

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