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Dazed & Dreamy :: Pisces Full Moon



Sunday, August 26

4:56 a.m. PDT/7:56 a.m. EDT/11:56 a.m. UTC

  • Sextile Uranus

  • Sextile Saturn


Moon Names: Wort Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Full Hay Moon

Keywords & Themes: Fantasy, projection, illusion, dream-like, intuition, flow states, dazed & confused, spirituality, magic, lost at sea, spiritual bypassing, martyr

Cosmic Complexes: Highly sensitive person (HSP), escapism, addiction, Puer/Eternal Boy complex or fear of shadow, spiritual bypassing of emotions

Plant Partners:

  • Nettle or chamomile tea

  • Sage (for burning or essential oil)

  • Mugwort (as supplement or under pillow to connect with dreams)

  • Passionflower flower remedy


Collective (un)Conscious:

As the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces is considered an amalgamation of all of the signs. It beckons us into the places where we feel connected to the whole or a unity consciousness. Ultimately it invites us ways of experiencing flow and universal love. Pisces takes us to the heights and the desire to connect with the divine, though its shadow side often reveals itself through projections, fantasy, or disassociation. For this reason, those with strong Pisces or Neptune in their chart often struggle to discern reality or can be prone to addictions as a way of escaping feelings.

With the moon in Pisces the emotional realm can become overly empathetic or a little lost at sea. While it connects us to unconditional love and the spirit realm, it also can lose sight of shore. The highly sensitive element of Pisces invites us to be gentle with ourselves and others as we may notice waves of emotion without warning. However, my least favorite tendency of Pisces moon can be to spiritually bypass feelings or disassociate to avoid them. Remember we must navigate the messiness of being human before we can fully own our divinity, though Pisces may sometimes tell us otherwise.;)

This full moon sextiles Uranus and Saturn as archetypes of traditional and non-traditional ways of being in the world. We can most likely expect to notice the two sides of us that often feel polarized, may begin to harmonize. The tight Pluto and Venus square also occurs the day of the full moon perhaps creating relational intensity or a new depth in connection. This combo can make relating difficult or can evoke intimacy through vulnerability.

Pay attention to places where there may be illusions that want to be shed as well as honoring the emotional and physical sensitivity Pisces brings up. Soak in the unconditional love of yourself and others while staying rooted on Earth. The best ways to harness the energies of this full moon would be time in nature or meditation, though it may want us to disassociate in substance, drinking, or watching too much Netflix.;)

Individual Integration:

BODY // Go for a swim or be sure to utilize the plant partner suggestions above

MIND // Read up on some botany or Buddhism

SPIRIT // Do some forest bathing or time in nature to connect with the intuitive, and flowing aspect of self

SOUL // Do some dream work, write down your dreams and dissect it using your ideas of its symbolism

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