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People Pleasing & Personal Power :: Libra New Moon



Monday, October 8

8:47 p.m. PDT/11:47 p.m. EDT

  • Conjunct Ceres asteroid

  • Square Pluto

New moon, new habit:

Balancing of opposites internally such as with tai chi, alternate nostril breath, or try doing things with non-dominant hand (i.e. brushing teeth, eating, etc.


Harmony of opposites, balance, justice, fairness, equilibrium, aesthetic, peaceful, calm, ideals, muse, peace, complementarity, equilibrium, diplomacy.

Collective Energies:

Libra reminds us of the truth, beauty, and goodness inherent in our human and heavenly connection. It craves fairness and justice in its dealings though may avoid discomfort at all costs. This new moon pushes us into looking at our people-pleasing tendencies and its impact on our personal power. The shadow side of Libra is co-dependency or focusing so much on others that we forget about our own needs or identity.

Another important aspect of Libra is sometimes difficulty letting go to people or situations that may not serve us but where we still seem to crusade for fairness. Libra’s gifts are for art, fashion, and aesthetic as well as inviting in equality and diplomacy. Though there can be a tendency towards superficiality or shallowness.

The tight conjunction with asteroid Ceres indicates an evolution from dependency on others to self-parenting and self-care. In our personal charts, Ceres gives us a sense of where and how we nourish ourselves so that we can do the same for others. Though with the new moon indicates a more collective need to return to our own needs during our time for justice.

While Libra may fear the darker side or less pretty aspect of being human, with the square to Pluto we may be forced to confront more of our shadow that we are comfortable with over the next month. The Pluto aspect indicates a shedding, natural with fall, but also a rearranging and redirecting of power with the small-but-mighty planet now direct. A square aspect represents a tension between things that don’t yet know how to coexist peacefully. For Libra, this could mean how harmony and also being present with intensity.

Venus Retrograde begins a few days before this new moon suggesting this next lunar cycle is all about working with relationships to ourselves and others. Sometimes people from our past may return to tidy up loose relating ends, or we may finally confront parts of how we relate that is painful. It may involve noticing where you lean into codependency or fear letting go as a way of avoiding your own power. Or conversely may be about where we avoid discomfort and sometimes intimacy as a way of thinking we are keeping the peace.

Individual Integration:

BE // Notice discomfort in the body or emotional field. While Libra may want to avoid the “unpretty,” sitting with it instead of floating or self-abandoning into people pleasing could be a useful practice during this moon phase.

DO // Redecorating or shopping for things that speak to your soul, would be a lovely new moon thing to do. Or make time for a ritual invoking the Venus Retrograde, perhaps with a Tranquility and Peace Ritual Mini Kit.

EAT // Balance is key, so portion size and presentation means everything to the air sign. Go with what is nice to look at and also sweet to the taste such as figs or apples, balanced with as many other colors of the rainbow as possible.

WEAR // Libra loves fashion and aesthetic that enhances beauty, while Pluto intensifies. Perhaps some black with accents of fall brightness will appease them both.

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