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Opposites & Overthinking :: Gemini Full Moon


Thursday, November 22 & November 23

November 22 @ 9:39 p.m. // November 23 @ 12:39 a.m. ET or 3:39 a.m. UTC

  • Opposite Sun/Jupiter

  • Square Mars

Full Moon Names: Full Beaver or Blood Moon

Plant Partners:

  • Cedarwood

  • Frankincense

  • Patchouli

Detrimental/Light Expressions: Over-thinking emotions rather than feeling, scattered, head in the clouds, distracted, know-it-all

Elevated/Light Expressions: Curious about feelings, adaptable, witty, charming, wisdom of opposites

Related Cosmic Complexes: Dissociative disorders, insecurities of intellect, overidentified with intellect, bi-polar


Collective (un)Conscious:

This airy full moon arrives on the American holiday Thanksgiving just as the Sun moves into Sagittarius, the sign of celebration and abundance and opposite its ruling planet Jupiter. Indeed, the air may be full of celebration and confusion during this holiday. While collectively we are becoming more and more aware of Thanksgiving’s violent history, the story itself is reflective of the two sides and duality of Gemini. Gemini’s gift of wisdom means holding many truths and ideals (key Sagittarius and Jupiter words) at the same time while seeking out information for ourselves.

Myth Medicine: "Hymn for the Wild Man (Manawee)" from Women Who Run with the Wolves

Individuation Integration:

DO // Keep the mind active, yet intentional through reading, attending a lecture, researching, or journaling

BE // Practice any mindfulness meditation focused on breath, mantras, or counting

READ // Non-fiction or fiction (Neptune likes fantasy) books will be just fine, though best to try something new or opposite what you would normally read.

WATCH // Something informative such as documentaries or based on true life movies.

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