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Sag New Moon News: North Star Reaching & Adventure Seeking


New Moon @ 15 degrees Sagittarius

Thursday, December 6 & December 7, 2018

11:20 p.m. PT/ 2:20 a.m. ET/ 7:20 a.m. UTC

  • Square Mars and Neptune

  • Sextile Pallas Athene

  • Sextile Lilith

New Moon, New Habit: Meditation focused on your heartbeat.

Keywords/Themes: expansion, growth, adventure, travel, high ideals, morality, superiority, philosophy, abundance, joy, vision, pride, arrogance, religion, dreamy, lofty, universal love

Collective Consciousness:

This Sagittarius new moon arrives after a week of Jupiter in alignment with the Sun. Sagittarius connects us with the expansive side of life such as optimism, vision, and joy. It moves us towards discovering our ideals and expanding our sense of conviction. Healthy Sagittarius energy is full of faith and adventure, while the shadow side lends itself towards arrogance or bravado. I also notice a tendency towards over-consumption while appreciating the abundance so often experienced with Sagittarius.

While many may hail this as the luckiest new moon of the year, I’m dubious of that title. Like all zodiac signs, Sagittarius has aspects that aren’t so becoming and when not examined can become detrimental. Religious righteousness and superiority are the flip side of too much expansion into morality and truth. This new moon offers us expansion and vision as well as a warning against our own Messiah complexes, in particular, the United States.;) (Read more on Esoteric Insights on J. Southern Studio site here)

This New Moon also connects us to our guiding North Star pulling us towards what we want. The wise and fiery Archer draws his bow and aims it right to the heart of what moves you and makes you tick—a perfect time to re-evaluate as the year ends. I'm back writing for more about the new moon here.

Individual Integration:

Below are questions to consider for moon signs by element, don't know your moon sign then it is probably time for a reading.;)

Fire :: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Moon Signs // Where do I notice my own bravado or exaggeration in my life?

Earth :: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Moon Signs // How can I pay more attention to places where I feel morally or emotionally superior?

Air :: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Moon Signs // What is a healthy relationship to wanting to help others that isn't based on "saving?"

Water :: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces // Where can I find more joy, optimism, and faith?

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